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In 2019, Illinois Digital Educators Alliance invited its members to share stories about how they inspired their students, transformed their environment, and connected with other educators and classrooms around the world. Their stories resulted in the creation of three books including: IDEAs to Inspire your Classroom, IDEAs to Transform your Classroom, and IDEAs to Connect your Classroom.

  1. Collaboration to Build 21st Century Skills - Jason Kruski
  2. 7 Activities from 7 Years - Mia Gutsell
  3. On the Road - Greg McDonough
  4. DuJardin Jaguars: Little Kids, Big Learning - Jennifer Egget
  5. Creating a Culture of STEM - Nancy Gadzala
  6. Science as a Verb - Jennifer Smith
  7. Creators vs. Consumers - Andrea Rechner Perrin
  8. Book Buzz - Carolyn Skibba
  9. Buliding Student TECHsperts - Kim Knigge
  10. Tomorrow's Game Changers - Billy Spicer
  11. Dad's Advice - Michael Earnshaw
  12. Leading and Learning from Within - Renee Bogacz
  13. Problem Solving and Perseverance in Education - Jessica Green
  14. Empowering Students by Using Technology - Bethany Martino

  1. When Equity Met Digital Learning - Douglas van Dyke
  2. How do I Turn this On? - Julie Ahern
  3. Audio Assessments and Teacher Feedback - John Hayward
  4.  Teach to Your 10 Year Old Self - Matt Meyer
  5. In-District Site Visits, A Field Trip for Educators - Michelle Thorne
  6. Hortus in Urbe / Garden in the City - Michael Kosko
  7. Fugleflicks - Tricia Fuglestad
  8. SMART 4C Global Model - Dr. Li-Wei Peng
  9. Learning Commons: Leading the Way at Central - Lauren Wysocke
  10. Not your Grandma's Classroom - Traci Johnson
  11. Developing a Space for STEAM - Megan Hacholski
  12. Lead, Legislate, and Innovate - Dr. Marlo Barnett
  13. The Puzzle Pieces - Rae Hughart
  14. Responsive Design in the ELA Classroom - Dr. Jessica Pilgreen, Ed.D.
  15. Teaching Reading Like a Golf Coach - Anne Marie Chobot
  16. Providing Insight to the World Through VR - Andrea Trudeau

  1. Creating a Healthy Technology Balance - Jeremy Rinkel
  2. Taking a Hashtag to the Next Level - Derrick A Swistak
  3. Be Ready for Digital Citizenship - Dr. Matthew X. Joseph
  4. Building Relationships... One Tweet at a Time - Stephanie Sukow
  5. Reciprocal Relationships - Michelle Anderson, Ed.D.
  6. Understanding the Impact in Learning - Yvonne Tretter
  7. PD for Successfully Launching a 1:1 Program - Steven Baule
  8. Disrupting Professional Development - Ben Hartman
  9. Instructional Coaching - Drew Witherell
  10. Tools to Enhance Coaching, Efficacy & Growth - Shannon McGrath
  11. Upgrading your Classroom with a Cell Phone - Michelle Susberry Hill, Ed.D.
  12. The Art of Blended Learning Classrooms - Jen Waldvogel
  13. Into the Cloud - Jessica Iovinelli
  14. Hashtag EDU: The Teacher Network - Mitchel Meighen

Be sure to check our IDEA's newest book, IDEAs to Amplify Student Voice. In this book, twenty-three students from across Illinois share their stories about the innovative, creative, and inspirational ways they use technology in their classrooms, communities, and home environments to transform their own learning experiences.


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