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Calendar of Events

 Statewide and local chapter events are held monthly. Check out our calendar below for a list of events. Click on each event for more information.


annual conference

IDEA sponsors an annual ed tech conference, now known as IDEAcon (formerly the ICE Conference). Every year, well over 5,000 educators convene at Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center to learn and share ideas with each other regarding the effective use of technology in education. During the 4 day conference, 200+ vendors exhibit their wares and services, keynote speakers inspire attendees, and hundreds of educators present sessions on how they use technology to engage students and foster academic achievement.


amplify innovation 

This annual student showcase event is held at the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield. Hundreds of students come from schools throughout the state to present the most comprehensive and diverse student demonstration of classroom technology in the Midwest. The Amplify Innovation Student Technology Showcase demonstrations allow lawmakers, business leaders, teachers, and administrators from Illinois schools to see firsthand how technology is used in classrooms throughout the state.


Upcoming events

    • June 01, 2021
    • (CDT)
    • June 29, 2021
    • (CDT)
    • 5 sessions
    • Online (a link will be emailed)

    Join IDEA every Tuesday in June as we learn and collaborate with members from Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning (MACUL), Nebraska Educational Technology Association (NETA), Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA).

    Topics include:

    June 1: SEL in Action

    How can Social-Emotional Learning be incorporated into the educational setting? This question and more will be addressed by a panel of SEL experts and practitioners. Come listen as they share strategies and resources for implementing SEL in your classroom or district.

    June 8: Let's Make Equity a Verb

    Join a diverse group of educators actively addressing diversity and inclusion in their professional learning community. Learn about their process for creating welcoming spaces for all, what’s working, and how you might create welcoming spaces of your own.

    June 15: How Esports Can be Used to Further Educational Opportunities for Learners

    Esports provides schools with an unprecedented opportunity to engage students in a subject they are already likely involved in and quite comfortable with. We will discuss how an esports team can be utilized to encourage students to stay on track with their school work and even how to integrate competitive gaming topics into the curriculum. Individual programs can range from completely remote to being a powerhouse program for the school district that is unique to the region. This flexibility allows teams to start with any range of funding that is available. Esports brings the normal suite of life skills like teamwork and communication traditionally found in regular sports to a new group of students that may shy away from such things while also exposing students to a whole new unique technical side of production and presentation. We will review measurable success metrics including post-high school careers and college scholarships/opportunities. It’s time to see what the hype is about and learn how this distinctive program can improve your school.

    June 22: Empower a Culture of Innovation in Your School Library

    What does an innovation space look like in a K-12 library? Learn how one school library uses emerging technology and non-tech materials to empower students and teachers to be innovative designers. Student projects that use AR/VR/MR, 3D design, and makerspace kits will be demonstrated. 

    June 29: Computer Science Roundtable

    Let's talk about how you can bring your students almost anywhere from the comfort of their own homes. How can we leverage the power of computer science in our classrooms, whether teaching in-person or remotely?

    The best part? This series is FREE for IDEA members! You will be prompted to log-in to the website (ideaillinois.org) when registering. Make sure your contact information is up-to-date and renew your membership while you're there!

    The sessions will be recorded and shared with members who register, and only one registration is necessary to gain access to sessions. 

    Illinois educators can earn one (1) PDH for live attendance of each session.

    • June 24, 2021
    • 10:30 AM (CDT)
    • Online (link in confirmation email)

    Minecraft Mania allows participants of all skill levels to enjoy virtually-hosted challenges with their peers! Come in for an hour and a half of scavenger hunts, escape rooms, redstone challenges, building activities, and much more. No Minecraft account is necessary, and you can play from your own laptop, computer, phone, or tablet!

    Illinois educators can earn 1.5 PD hours through live attendance to this webinar. 

    • July 17, 2021
    • (CDT)
    • July 31, 2021
    • (CDT)
    • Online (Access link will be provided)

    Join us in our July IDEA Playground as we figure out ways to incorporate playful learning into the new school year. 

    Listen or watch up to 6 pre-recorded sessions complete with note taking doc for each video to collect your thoughts. Collaborate with other learners in an online forum. Earn up to 6 PDHs when you watch all six presentations. 

    The Playground opens at 9am on Saturday, July 17th and lasts until Saturday, July 31. Learn what you want, when you want to!

    Topics for this playground include:

    GameStormEDU: Design Your Own EduGames!

    The Science of Games for Learning

    Digital Detectives: Making & Using Scavenger Hunts

    Games Galore

    Illinois educators can earn up to six (6) PDHs for this event. 

    Session recordings will be available July 17 - 31, 2021.

    • August 09, 2021
    • (CDT)
    • August 13, 2021
    • (CDT)
    • Virtual (access information will be emailed)

    One idea can SPARK another! Illinois Digital Educators Alliance is proud to announce our summer virtual conference, ideaU. Join us for sessions focused on the whole student. Every student. idea U is a unique opportunity to join in with educators across the state and learn together. Sessions are future focused and centered around social emotional learning, building relationships, culture and community, computer science standards and certification programs available to educators. Each day will also showcase a LIVE Keynote Speaker to kick the day off on the right foot. Breakout sessions will be asynchronous so you will be able to learn when and where you want to! IDEA is committed to providing an experience showcasing a diverse lineup of presenters and speakers. This year may have been tough, but you are tougher. Join us at idea U to rekindle your SPARK!

    Illinois educators can earn 20+ Professional Development Hours (PDHs) from this event. 

Past events

June 16, 2021 Wednesday Webinar | Learn About Minecraft Mania Summer Camp
June 13, 2021 2021 Elementary Technology Conference
June 02, 2021 Wednesday Webinar | Complete Backup & Recovery: Protecting data from ransomware and other disasters
June 01, 2021 June IDEA Playground | The 4 C'S With Book Creator
May 26, 2021 Wednesday Webinar | Build SEL Skills in your Classroom with Book Creator
May 15, 2021 IDEA Playground | The 4 C'S With Book Creator
May 06, 2021 Women in Education: Leading and Learning (WELL) Summit
May 04, 2021 Go Fourth and Clean Up Your Tech | hosted by the IDEA Northern Suburbs Chapter
April 21, 2021 Wednesday Webinar Series | SOPPA for Teachers: What to Know and Why It’s Important
April 16, 2021 IDEA Annual Meeting
April 14, 2021 IDEA & Alertus Webinar | How to effectively communicate with your employees in a hybrid work environment
April 13, 2021 IDEA Workshop | The Four Letter Word... CODE
April 08, 2021 EQuip to Achieve Summit
April 07, 2021 IDEA Webinar | Filling The Gap: Interventions To Address COVID Learning Loss
March 24, 2021 IDEA Webinar | Pass the Mic: Amplify Innovation
March 18, 2021 Fresh Ideas! hosted by IDEA Northern Suburbs
March 13, 2021 IDEA Workshop | Chat and Create Playgrounds
March 01, 2021 SEL Master Class with Jorge Valenzuela
February 01, 2021 IDEAcon 2021
January 27, 2021 IDEA Webinar | Google Slides, Beyond the Presentation
January 26, 2021 IDEAcon Workshop | Solve in Time! Rapid Prototyping hosted by Dee Lanier
January 23, 2021 IDEAcon Workshop | Digital Storytelling: Tools & Ideas Workshop hosted by Jennifer Casa-Todd
January 20, 2021 IDEA & EVERFI Webinar | Best Practices for Culturally Relevant Teaching
January 13, 2021 IDEA Webinar | Engaging All Learners: UDL/EdTech Fusion
January 12, 2021 IDEAcon Workshop | Let's Get Started with Whiteboard-Style Instructional Videos hosted by Stacey Roshan
January 09, 2021 IDEAcon Workshop | Strategies for Embedding Equity & SEL into Lessons hosted by Jorge Valenzuela
January 06, 2021 IDEA Webinar | Beginner Google Classroom: Mission Control under Control
December 17, 2020 The Marginalization of Black Girls & Women in Education
December 15, 2020 IDEA & IETL Winter Webinar | How Will We Make It Through The Rest Of 2020?
December 15, 2020 Opportunities for Systemic Innovation in Education
December 09, 2020 IDEA Webinar | The story of CS4All at Chicago Public Schools
December 08, 2020 IDEA Workshop | Tech The Halls
December 07, 2020 Share-o-Rama presented by IDEA Northern Suburbs
December 01, 2020 Teacher Tuesdays: Panel Discussion on Arts Resources
December 01, 2020 Apple Professional Learning (Dec 2020)
November 21, 2020 IDEA Workshop | Looking Under the Hood at Cyber Courses for 6-12 Students (Sponsored by CodeHS)
November 18, 2020 Digital Literacy: Here, There and Everywhere
November 10, 2020 Teacher Tuesdays: Panel Discussion on STEM & Health Resources
November 07, 2020 IDEA Workshop | Cybersecurity Basics: Digital Citizenship and Cyber Hygiene (Sponsored by CodeHS)
November 04, 2020 IDEA & CodeHS Webinar | Ignite your Students with an Hour of Code!
October 30, 2020 Effective Use of Technology in Schools (AA #1494)
October 28, 2020 IDEA Webinar | Getting Started with Screencastify
October 27, 2020 Teacher Tuesdays: Panel Discussion on Library & Museum Resources
October 21, 2020 IDEA Webinar | Educator Advice Panel
October 20, 2020 Prepare Resources for Remote Learning
October 19, 2020 Apple's Collaborate with Colleagues Workshop
October 15, 2020 IDEA Workshop | Amazing Race of Learning
October 14, 2020 IDEA & Eduplanet21 Webinar | Building from Students' Strengths in the COVID Era
October 07, 2020 IDEA Webinar | Nature in Virtual and Remote Learning: Activities and Resources for Teachers from The Morton Arboretum
October 06, 2020 Teacher Tuesdays: Fall 2020 Virtual Resource Fair
September 30, 2020 IDEA & IETL Webinar | What Teachers Absolutely Have to Know About Cybersecurity
September 22, 2020 IDEA Workshop | Engagement Strategies & Best Practices
September 14, 2020 IDEA Workshop | Digital Citizenship How-To's
September 09, 2020 IDEA Webinar | Live Q&A with Blaine Cook, Google for Education Account Manager
September 01, 2020 IDEA Workshop | Teaching With Intention
August 29, 2020 IDEA Workshop | Making in Remote Learning: Electronics 101
August 27, 2020 Connections Through Technology
August 26, 2020 IDEA Webinar | Learn to Discern: Media Literacy and the Presidential Election
August 19, 2020 IDEA & Sphero Webinar | Using Project-Based Learning to Make at Home and in the Classroom
August 17, 2020 IDEA Workshop | G Suite 101 and Beyond
August 11, 2020 IDEA Workshop | Build Your Own Bitmoji Classroom
August 06, 2020 How Community Partnerships and Institutions of Higher Learning can Help Students Succeed | #3 of 3-Part Webinar Series
August 05, 2020 IDEA & Google Webinar | Google Meet Overview
August 03, 2020 Tech Talks: How can Microsoft Help YOU in your Role
July 29, 2020 IDEA & Book Creator Webinar | The Book Creator You Never Knew & More
July 27, 2020 The Rural Digital Divide for Higher Education Students | #2 of 3-Part Webinar Series
July 22, 2020 IDEA & NextWaveSTEM Webinar | How to Build a Dynamic Hybrid Learning Model
July 22, 2020 SFHS Summer Series | Teams: Part Two (Advanced)
July 22, 2020 SFHS Summer Series | Teams: Part One (Basic)
July 15, 2020 ideaU | Learn, Grow, Impact. It Starts with U.
July 08, 2020 IDEA & Eduplanet21 Webinar | Re-imagining Professional Learning with Habits of Mind
July 08, 2020 SFHS Summer Series | goFormative
July 01, 2020 IDEA & Eduplanet21 Webinar | Virtual Curriculum Design with Jay McTighe: Timely Units for COVID19
June 24, 2020 IDEA Webinar | Computer Science Unplugged with LEGO Education
June 24, 2020 SFHS Summer Series | Amplifying Student Voice with FlipGrid
June 17, 2020 2020 Illinois Legislative Update: Remote Learning & Advocacy Webinar
June 17, 2020 SFHS Summer Series | Transform Your Lessons with Nearpod
June 10, 2020 Educating with Intention: Integrating Social Emotional Learning
June 10, 2020 IDEA & CDW-G Webinar | From Substitution to Redefinition: Elevating Student Learning Online
June 10, 2020 SFHS Summer Series | Screencasting and PlayPosit
June 05, 2020 Are you up to the Minecraft Build Challenge?
June 01, 2020 Munch n’ Mine | Learn how to use Minecraft: EE in your Classroom
May 29, 2020 Tech & Learning "Future-Proofing Your District Plan" Conference
May 27, 2020 10th Annual Ability Summit by Microsoft
May 14, 2020 All About Microsoft: Virtual Office Hours with IDEA
May 13, 2020 All About Google: Virtual Office Hours with IDEA
May 12, 2020 All About Apple: Virtual Office Hours with IDEA
May 07, 2020 We ❤ Heart Teachers Webinar Giveaway
May 06, 2020 IDEA & Read Naturally Webinar | Reading for Meaning with Read Naturally Live
May 05, 2020 Virtual Trivia Night with Carl Hooker | Sponsored by IDEA & TRA
April 29, 2020 IDEA & Class Intercom Webinar | Self-care in the New Normal
April 24, 2020 IDEA & Otus Webinar | Intro to Otus: A Remote Learning Solution
April 23, 2020 LEGO Live! Virtual Build Challenge
April 23, 2020 Education and COVID 19: Remote Learning Tech Solutions
April 22, 2020 IDEA & WeVideo Webinar | Remote Learning with WeVideo
April 21, 2020 IDEA & STRUT Webinar | An SEL/EQ Perspective: Can technology genuinely meet the needs of today's incredibly diverse learners?
April 15, 2020 IDEA Kishwaukee Chapter | Virtual PatioPD
April 15, 2020 IDEA & Book Creator Webinar | Two-Part Series
April 14, 2020 eLearning for Students with Disabilities | Accommodations and the General Ed Curriculum
April 10, 2020 IDEA & eLuma Webinars | Online Strategies for SPED Staff
April 09, 2020 IDEA & Newsela Webinar | Newsela for Distance Learning
April 08, 2020 IDEA & TechGirlz Webinar | How Educators can Inspire Girls to Pursue Tech
April 08, 2020 IDEA & eLuma Webinar | Online Strategies for Special Education Teachers
April 07, 2020 IDEA & Everfi Webinar | Navigating School Closures with Social Emotional Learning
April 03, 2020 IDEA & Book Creator Webinar | Home Learning with @BookCreatorApp
April 03, 2020 Check In Slow Chat with IDEA
April 01, 2020 IDEA & Book Creator Webinar | Home Learning with @BookCreatorApp
March 25, 2020 IDEA & Night Zookeeper Webinar | Make Writing Magical
March 24, 2020 IDEAcoaches Virtual Office Hours
March 23, 2020 Making Learning Accessible to Everyone with Apple
March 23, 2020 Making Learning Accessible to Everyone with Google
March 23, 2020 Making Learning Accessible to Everyone with Microsoft
March 20, 2020 IDEA Webinar | Questions from the Quarantine
March 18, 2020 IDEA Webinar | IDEAs for Helping Educators During Home Learning
March 17, 2020 E-Learning Days in Place of School Cancellations
March 11, 2020 Women in Education: Leading and Learning (WELL) Summit
March 06, 2020 2020 Bradley University STEM / STEAM Conference for K-12 Educators
February 26, 2020 ISTE Certification for Educators - Schaumburg, IL
February 24, 2020 IDEAcon Trivia Night Social
February 24, 2020 IDEAcon 2020 - Annual Conference
February 20, 2020 IDEA Two Rivers & Tynker: Coding Early for Future Success
February 19, 2020 IDEA Kishwaukee Chapter | PatioPD
February 19, 2020 IDEA & TRA Webinar | What EdTech Leaders Need to Know about School Cybersecurity: Lessons from The K-12 Cyber Incident Map
February 12, 2020 IDEA & Makey Makey Webinar | Makey Makey Beyond the Banana Piano
February 08, 2020 IDEA Northern Suburbs | Pop Up Innovation: Documenting Learning
February 05, 2020 IDEA & Class Intercom Webinar | How To Advance Your School’s Communication Through Podcasting
February 04, 2020 IDEA Central Illinois Valley | Teacher Tuesday Mentor Match Engine Showcase
January 29, 2020 IDEA Western | Hummingbird Playground
January 29, 2020 Shake-Up Your Learning Spaces
January 28, 2020 Teach Boldly Book Study
January 25, 2020 IDEA Chicago | Everyone Can Create!
January 25, 2020 IDEA Northern Suburbs MiniCon
January 22, 2020 IDEA & Class Intercom Webinar | 5 Steps To Building A Student Social Media Team At Your School
January 15, 2020 IDEA Kishwaukee Chapter | PatioPD
January 09, 2020 ISTE Certification for Educators - Chicago, IL
January 06, 2020 Complete Classroom Collaboration with Microsoft Teams
December 18, 2019 "WIN"ter Win It All Webinar!
December 11, 2019 IDEA & EVERFI Webinar | Sharpen STEM Skills and Increase Student Interest in STEM Careers
December 05, 2019 IDEA Northern Suburbs | Problem Solving and Creativity in the Classroom: STEAM for All
December 05, 2019 IDEA Chicago | Sphero + Hour of Code Playtime
December 05, 2019 IDEA & MicrosoftEDU | Complete Classroom Collaboration with Microsoft Teams
December 04, 2019 IDEA South Suburbs Chapter | Bots & Bevs
December 04, 2019 IDEA & Class Intercom Webinar | Simple Design for your School’s Social Media
November 20, 2019 IDEA Kishwaukee Chapter | November Patio PD
November 20, 2019 IDEA & Sphero Webinar | Got STEAM? Learn about Sphero's Computer Science Foundations Curriculum
November 20, 2019 IDEA Two Rivers Chapter | Google Tips and Tricks (Payson)
November 20, 2019 HB3606 and eLearning Workshop
November 19, 2019 IDEA Northwest Chapter | Monthly Meetup
November 18, 2019 Google on Tour
November 18, 2019 Western Suburbs Chapter: Tweeting up the 4Cs!
November 13, 2019 IDEA & News Literacy Project Webinar | Teaching Digital Verification to Spark News Literacy Learning
November 12, 2019 ISTE Certification for Educators - Springfield, IL
November 09, 2019 Shedd Aquarium Science Educator Conference
November 06, 2019 IDEA & Class Intercom Webinar | Beyond the Algorithm: How your school’s social media tells a story.
October 30, 2019 IDEA Wednesday Webinar | Digital Citizenship and Digital Literacy: What's the Connection?
October 29, 2019 IDEA Northern Suburbs Chapter | Assistive Tech and Differentiating with Technology
October 29, 2019 IDEA South Suburbs Chapter | Digital Citizenship Trivia! A friendly competition among educators
October 26, 2019 IDEA Abe Lincoln Chapter | Bots & Bevs: a Meetup for Educators (Decatur)
October 24, 2019 IDEA Three Rivers Chapter | Bots & Bevs
October 24, 2019 IDEA Two Rivers Chapter | Quizlet: Flashcards plus More!
October 23, 2019 IDEA & Tynker Webinar | Micro:bits and Tynker: Physical Computing Made Easy!
October 21, 2019 Makey Makey Invention Literacy Workshop - Plainfield
October 19, 2019 IDEA Central Illinois Valley | October Board Game Social
October 17, 2019 IDEA Two Rivers Chapter | Engage and Assess with Pear Deck
October 17, 2019 A Conversation on Modern Measures of Learning Conference
October 16, 2019 IDEA Kishwaukee Chapter | October Patio PD
October 12, 2019 IDEA Abe Lincoln Chapter | Bots & Bevs: a Meetup for Educators (Springfield)
October 07, 2019 October #ILedchat | Digital Citizenship
October 03, 2019 IDEA Western Chapter | Bots n Bevs
October 01, 2019 IDEA Central Illinois Valley | Teacher Tuesday Developing Critical Thinking Skills with Games
September 25, 2019 IDEA Northern Suburbs | Share-A-Rama
September 25, 2019 IDEA & BirdBrain Webinar | What's in a Makerspace? with Kelsey Derringer from BirdBrain Technologies
September 24, 2019 CYBERSECURITY: A Practical Approach
September 21, 2019 IDEA Central Illinois Valley | September Board Game Social
September 18, 2019 IDEA Kishwaukee Chapter | September Patio PD
September 17, 2019 IDEA Central Illinois Valley | Teacher Tuesday STEAM Resource Fair
September 11, 2019 5th Annual Rochester STEM Fair
September 11, 2019 ISTE Certification for Educators - MACUL
September 06, 2019 Illinois Century Network Webinar | K-12 Broadband Network
September 05, 2019 Illinois Century Network Webinar | K-12 Broadband Network
September 04, 2019 IDEA & Clever Webinar | Navigating your new Clever Portal
August 31, 2019 IDEA Central Illinois Valley | August Board Game Social
August 30, 2019 Illinois Century Network Webinar | K-12 Broadband Network
August 29, 2019 Illinois Century Network Webinar | K-12 Broadband Network
August 17, 2019 IDEA Lake & LFCDS | STEM in Early Childhood Learning
August 14, 2019 IDEA & Clever Webinar | Start the School Year With Clever!
August 08, 2019 STEMM: Putting Body Movement in STEM (The Zoo-Mazing Race) at Brookfield Zoo
August 07, 2019 IDEA & NextWaveSTEM Webinar | Integrating Coding with Drones in the Classroom
August 07, 2019 Makey Makey Invention Literacy Workshop - North Riverside
August 06, 2019 ISTE Certification for Educators - Davenport, Iowa
August 01, 2019 Birdbrain Technologies Ambassador Program Workshop
July 31, 2019 IDEA & NextWaveSTEM Webinar | Integrating 3D Printing in the Classroom
July 27, 2019 Central Illinois Valley Board Game Social
July 25, 2019 ISTE Certification for Educators - Joliet, IL
July 23, 2019 Connecting Engineering at Brookfield Zoo
July 09, 2019 Makey Makey Invention Literacy Workshop - Aurora
June 24, 2019 STEMM: Putting Body Movement in STEM
June 11, 2019 Microsoft Summer PD Series

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